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COLASIT radial fans

COLASIT radial fans are used wherever a greater pressure increase is required for the same air volume compared to axial fans. The air is drawn in axially, deflected through 90° by the rotation of the radial impeller, and blown out radially.
Casings and impellers are available in a range of different materials while drive motors have various efficiency classes to choose from. 

The radial fans are also available in an ATEX-compliant design for zone 1 (category 2) and zone 2 (category 3).

The air volumes of COLASIT radial fans range from 150 - 132,000 m3/h with pressures from 50 to 7,000 Pascal.

The latest product line CMVpro sets new standards in the field of efficiency of plastic fans and reduces your operating costs by up to 15% compared to the closest competitor.

To find the right fan, click on the diagram with the values that suit you.

Radialventilator CMVpro mit Splitterschutz aus Kunststoff von Colasit


Volume flow150 – 13'600 m3/h
Static pressure50 – 2'200 Pa
Explosion ProtectionEX Logo
Efficiency82 %


Volume flow150 – 13'500 m3/h
Static pressure50 – 3'000 Pa
Explosion ProtectionEX Logo
Efficiency75 %
Radialventilator CMV aus Kunststoff von Colasit


Volume flow2'900 – 127'000 m3/h
Static pressure200 – 1'900 Pa
Explosion ProtectionEX Logo
Efficiency64 %


Volume flow2'900 – 132'000 m3/h
Static pressure200 – 4'000 Pa
Explosion ProtectionEX Logo
Efficiency68 %
Radialventilator CHVN aus Kunststoff von Colasit


Volume flow1'500 – 132'000 m3/h
Static pressure400 – 5'300 Pa
Explosion ProtectionEX Logo
Efficiency72 %


Volume flow60 – 5'300 m3/h
Static pressure450 – 7'000 Pa
Explosion ProtectionEX Logo
Efficiency77 %
Radialventilator CCV aus Kunststoff von Colasit


Volume flow50 – 400 m3/h
Static pressure50 – 900 Pa
Explosion ProtectionEX Logo
Efficiency36 %
Radialventilator CKV aus Kunststoff von Colasit


Volume flow50 – 350 m3/h
Static pressure35 – 450 Pa
Explosion ProtectionNo
Efficiency28 %