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COLASIT roof fans

The vertically discharging COLASIT roof fans are made from weather-resistant materials and guarantee clean air in your working environment. The motor is separated from the air flow, protecting it from corrosion and chemicals. This guarantees low-maintenance and continuous operation.

The air volumes range from 340 to 19,300 m3/h and pressures from 50 to 1,700 Pascal.

The roof fan type CRDV-D is also available in am ATEX-compliant design.

To find the right fan, click on the diagram with the values that suit you.

Dachventilator aus Kunststoff von Colasit


Volume flow340 – 5'600 m3/h
Static pressure50 – 1'700 Pa
Explosion ProtectionEX Logo
Efficiency40 %


Volume flow550 – 19'300 m3/h
Static pressure50 – 600 Pa
Explosion ProtectionNo
Efficiency42 %