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ColaVent - Online design program for fans

For the correct selection of the right fan, our Fastline (without login) or Expert (with login) options are available with extended options such as material selection.

Customize your fan with ColaVent (link) and send us your datasheet. You will get an competitive offer quickly. 

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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Our BIM (Building Information Modelling) provides you with a digital outline of your projects. Configure your product online and immediately receive the required digital information such as drawings and performance and connection parameters. As a planner and as the person carrying out the work, you benefit from greater productivity and reliabe planning.

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Online guide to chemical resistance

In cooperation with SIMONA AG, manufacturer of thermoplastic products, we are able to offer you the SIMCHEM online guide. More than 4,500 media and commercial products are listed here. You will find practical and comprehensive answers to many questions concerning the chemical resistance of plastic materials. Quickly find the plastic suitable for your purposes.